Care Instructions

Hand wash cold water, Machine wash delicates cold water, no dry clean, no tumble dry, no bleach, no iron, hang to dry, lay flat to dry. The garment is safe for swimming, showering, and full submersion in water, but may stretch more when wet; stronger or waterproof adhesives may be needed.

How to Use

Hammock: Trim exterior fabric to fit performer, and desired coverage. Insert genitals into inner pouch. Pull drawstring snug and tie to secure. If using foam cup, insert cup between inner and outer pouch. Pull outer pouch over inner pouch and over pubic mound. Secure upper portion with adhesive. Adhesive can also be used to secure outer pouch to the legs or perineum, as desired. Ensure skin is clean and dry before using adhesive.

Sail: Trim upper portion of Sail to fit performer and desired coverage, and clip tail to desired length. If using Sail pad, insert pad between the cotton gusset and the outer fabric (a pantyliner can also be used over top of the gusset in addition to the Pad). Place large, upper portion of Sail over the pubic mound and secure with adhesive. Pull tail between legs, ensuring fit and coverage over genitals, and secure tail with adhesive. Sail can also be secured between the legs, if desired. Ensure skin is clean and dry before using adhesive.

Note: Presence of an Intimacy Professional is highly recommended for any scene involving simulated sex or nudity, and for use of Modesty Garments/Barriers