The Foam Pouch Insert is a soft pouch designed to be placed on the inside of the sock or hammock to add extra padding for modesty, and/or to maintain the shape of the external pubic mound. The pouch will hold the rounded shape, but is flexible, waterproof, and washable.

The Foam Pouch Insert is only available in one size, and in one colour (light tan) as shown.

  • Made of Nylon/Polyester
  • Pouch is 4 cm (1.5″) thick x 9.5 cm (3.75″) wide x 14 cm (5.5″) tall
  • Machine Washable on gentle, lay flat to dry
  • Can be reused by the same individual for multiple days
  • Made in China


Additional information

Weight 0.0156 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 4 in


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